Hotline FAQs

  1. What happens when I file a report? / Who will handle my report? / How is a report resolved?
    To support the anonymity of the process, you will be given a unique code called a “Report Key” to save after the report is submitted. The report will be routed to the appropriate University administrators for review. You may use your Report Key on the University Hotline website or call the University Hotline toll-free number (1-866-478-9804) to answer any questions/provide additional information that may be requested by the University. Please be assured your report will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken. The University will not share the result of its review. The report will be marked “closed” in EthicsPoint when the review is completed.
  2. Is the University Hotline for emergency situations?
    No. In emergency situations, such as if you suspect or observe a crime in progress or a crime posing an imminent or serious threat to individual safety, contact Public Safety at 911 (campus phone/off campus/cell phone).
  3. What types of complaints can be reported to the University Hotline?
    Good faith concerns regarding possible noncompliance with and/or violation of government or external agency regulations, university policies, errors or irregularities in Princeton’s financial accounting practices, non-emergency potentially illegal activity, violations of the Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities (including potential bias, harassment, and/or discrimination related concerns), and unethical behavior can be reported to the University Hotline.
  4. When should I call or submit a report through the University Hotline?
    You may call the University Hotline if you feel uncomfortable with the recommended processes for reporting concerns, if other mechanisms are not successful in addressing your issue or concern, or if you would like to submit your complaint or report anonymously.
  5. What is EthicsPoint?
    EthicsPoint is an independent third-party provider of hotline services. The University Hotline website is hosted externally on EthicsPoint’s servers. The EthicsPoint telephone call service is handled by trained specialists who will help document the information related to your concern.
  6. Can I remain anonymous?
    If you choose, you can remain anonymous when reporting concerns through the University Hotline, both online and via telephone. Please provide as many details as possible about the alleged misconduct and those involved so that the report can be appropriately reviewed and addressed because anonymity and a lack of details may inhibit the ability of the University to conduct a full investigation into the matter. Anonymous reporters are encouraged to refer back to the EthicsPoint website with the code received upon filing a report to check for questions from the University.
  7. Can I be retaliated against if I make a report in good faith?
    No. The University considers retaliation against a person who in good faith files a report to be a particularly serious offense. Retaliation concerns should be reported as possible violations of University policies so that they may be reviewed properly. Refer to Rights, Rules, Responsibilities Section 1.7.3.
  8. What if my good-faith report turns out to be inaccurate?
    Good-faith reports, even those that turn out to be inaccurate, are considered a service to the University. Members of the University community are expected to be honest and straightforward in their official dealings with University processes, activities, and personnel. Refer to Rights, Rules, Responsibilities Section 1.1.5.