OAC assists the University as a proactive partner to perform a variety of audit, consulting, and advisory services.  The services described below are designed to promote, enhance, and strengthen processes across the University.  Based on the type of project, evaluations and assessments can be performed by control, process, function, area or department.  Services offered by OAC include, but are not limited to, the following:



Internal Audit performs financial, operational, and compliance audits based on its audit plan developed through a risk-based process.  Examples of audits may include:
  • Financial– focuses on financial reporting which impacts the University’s financial stability.  These audits typically focus on accounting controls of the general ledger system.
  • Operational – involves reviewing and assessing a business process that normally has a financial impact on the University.
  • Compliance – assesses, evaluates, and makes recommendations regarding the effectiveness of controls to ensure reasonable compliance with University policies and procedures, government and sponsored research rules and regulations, contracts, and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Information Systems – assesses, evaluates, and makes recommendations regarding the adequacy of internal controls crucial to the University’s information systems and reviews the effectiveness of risk management over these systems.  Additionally, this type of audit will assess whether the systems are in compliance with the University’s policies and procedures as well as applicable laws and regulations.


As part of a consulting engagement, OAC can provide assistance during any phase of a project, which could include an assessment on the design of new processes, systems or other departmental initiatives.


Members of OAC serve in various advisory capacities at the University such as participating in work groups or project teams to assist with policy development or to facilitate interactions among multiple departments in order to provide benchmarks for the consistent and/or efficient management of a process.

Management Requests

Reviews may also be performed at the request of management and other members of the University community to address areas of specific concern or development.


Investigations may be performed by OAC at the request of management, the Board of Trustees or originating from a submission through the University's Hotline.