Welcome to the Office of Audit and Compliance

The Office of Audit and Compliance (OAC) serves as a proactive partner with University management and staff to upgrade business processes and enhance internal controls and compliance mechanisms by anticipating and managing business risks, ensuring strong stewardship of University assets and promoting the integrity of operational and financial information.  OAC serves the University by upholding the highest professional standards, providing high-quality assurance and advisory services, and communicating value-added outcomes to the Board of Trustees and University management. 

Our focus is to mitigate business risks, which are anything that may impair the ability of the University to achieve its objectives.  Risk can be viewed as “what can go wrong” and “what needs to go right” with respect to meeting objectives.  There are five key categories of risks, including strategic, financial, operational, compliance, and reputational, that OAC considers as we plan our audits and consulting engagements.

On our website you can understand “how to report your concerns” and find a variety of tools and resources.

Internal AuditInternal Audit

Proactively partnering with University departments and management to add value and improve an organization’s operations through internal audit and consulting services.


Institutional ComplianceInstitutional Compliance

Providing the University community support through resources, education and oversight in their shared compliance responsibilities in order to promote an institutional culture of honesty and integrity.